LEVI'S 503XXB (1937 model) No.1

Youth version of the Levi's 501/1937 model with belt loops and a cinch back, while omitting the suspender buttons. The ones without cannulae are said to be made in the 1930s, and the ones with cannulae are said to be made in the 1940s, but the ones shown here were made in the 1930s without cannulae. The Another 1937 model is in very poor condition, but the one I'm introducing here is almost completely unmarked and more than 90% of its color is still intact. Unfortunately, the cinch back has been cut and also hemmed up to make it considerably shorter.

A thick straight that barely tapers from the thighs and falls straight down to the hem.
The leather patch has been removed, but the cinchback remains.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_back pocket

back pocket

Almost square back pocket. It appears to have a red tab on top. The arcuate stitch is a single-needle one.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_red tab

red tab

Red tab with "LEVI'S" embroidery on one side only.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

It's a copper rivet, the same one used on the front pocket and behind the rivet on the crotch rivet.


Unfortunately, the cinch bag has been cut off. The original owner was probably using a belt and it was in the way.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_back york

back york

As with the other 1937 model, the back yoke is stitched over the fabric, which is the opposite of normal.


The thicker belt loops are attached to the seams. It's not a light ounce of fabric, but the same fabric as the body.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_top button

top button

Clearly engraved iron buttons.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_front button

front button

Since it is a 503B, there are three, including the top button.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_fly button

fly button

Clearly engraved iron buttons, as well as the top button.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_top button (back)

top button (back)

It is domed and unmarked.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_side stitch

side stitch

Side stitching on the left and right is longer. In addition, the side stitch threads are thick on the right and thin on the left.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_crotch (back)

crotch (back)

The lower end has been treated with a cutout.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_crotch rivet

crotch rivet

The crotch area comes with a rebed. All rivets, including inseam rivets, are stamped with a lowercase "o".


There is no bar tack at the crotch. This is characteristic of 1930s models, and even 1937 models made in the 1940s will have a bar tack.


The selvedge part is used.
LEVI'S503BXX(1937)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

The white parts of the selvedges are quite thick. The hem is unfortunately not original.


This fabric has a strong sense of depth of dyeing. The slubby feel is also quite strong. There are some neps, but not many.

size waist
seat front rize back rize thigh inseam opening total length
- 27.5 40 11 14 11 26 8.5 36.5