LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)

 This is a 501XX boys' youth model, which is from the paper patch period without "EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED" printed on the paper patch. The belt loop at the center of the back is staggered (offset belt loop), so it is assumed to be made around 1963-64. Dead stock with flasher and guaranty ticket.

LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)
Dead stock that comes with both the flasher guarantee ticket.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_front
It seems to taper slightly towards the hem compared to the one with papar patch with "EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED", but it's not much different.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_back
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_papaer patch

paper patch

The notation of "Every Garment Guaranteed" is gone, and the notation of "Made In U.S.A." goes in its place. The curing is underway.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_flasher


The flasher of the 504ZXX a papar patch with "EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED" had a "★" in the upper right hand corner of the "LEVI'S" logo, but this was replaced by a "○R". Also, "America's FINEST OVERALL" has been written so far, but here it has been changed to "America's FINEST JEANS" under the "LEVI'S" logo.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_guarantee ticket

guarantee ticket

A paper guaranty ticket." Notation of "FOR OVER 100 YEARS". As for the warranty, it is stated that "GUARANTEED: A NEW PAIR FREE IF THEY RIP", and the contents of the warranty are more clear. The copyright notation at the bottom left remains as of 1927.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_back pocket

back pocket

Near-square-shaped back pocket. The angle of the arcuate is not very deep, and the shape is slightly uneven on the left and right.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_arcuate stitch

arcuate stitch

Only arcuate stitchings is in yellow at the back pockets.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_red tab

red tab

With double-sided tabs, be evenly V.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_belt loop

belt loop

Offset belt loop, that has been staggered from the center seam.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_conceal rivet

conceal rivet

There is no engraving on the back of the rivet. Made of copper-plated iron with a magnet.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_top button

top button

It seems to be made of plated iron because of the magnet. The engraving of the letters is also clear. V-stitching at the end of the waist belt.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_front button

front button

The 503BXX, which is a leather patch, has only 3 buttons including the top button, but there is one more button.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_fly button

fly button

Made of plated iron, just like the top button. The left line of the "R" is a long "foot-long R" unlike the one of the leather patch single-sided tab period.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_top button (back)

top button (back)

Marked with an "E". The stitching on the waist belt is a single stitch.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_rivet


It is likely to be made of copper-plated iron as it has a magnet. It's already getting rusty from all around.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It is replaced by aluminum instead of copper-plated iron (which was used in the paper patch with "EVERY GARMENT GUARANTEED" period).
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_coin pocket

coin pocket

The fabric is used vertically, so the ears do not appear. The back is stitched with a single stitch.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_股部分


Only reverse U-shaped reinforcement and no bar tack.This is one of the characteristics of the XX, which is used to distinguish it from the Big E.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_sleek


The blue-green stamp is faintly visible, but what it says is not discernible.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Selvedges with a distinct red line. Most of the orange stitching is used throughout, but the hem is yellow stitching on both the upper and lower threads. The stitching, which is a quirk of the Union Special, has come out quite a bit, and it is expected that the hem will undulate quite a bit if washed.
LEVI'S 503BXX (paper patch without guarantee)_fabric


Even in the glued condition, it appears slightly reddish in the light. I think the reddish color of the fabric from this time to Big E is relatively noticeable when the color is dark.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W27/L32 27 39 11 14 10.5 30.5 8 40.5