BIG JOHN M1002 (middle 1970s)

This is one of the later models of the M1002, which is considered to be the first model of Big John. Since the flasher says "WORLD WORKERS", the fabric is already made in Japan. It was probably manufactured around 1975 when the transition took place. The M1002 was different from the early M1002 in that it had a bigger claim to be made in Japan and It is different in that it has been one-washed. In addition, the brand name of "BIG JOHN" is included in many parts, and the Big John brand is It can be seen that it was well-established.

The oozing BIG JOHN logo is prominently featured on the flasher and patch. The fabric has been one-washed, as mentioned above.
Like the earliest M1002, it is straight, not slender, but of normal thickness.
BigJohn_M1002_paper patch

paper patch

The paper patch is stamped with the lot number "5507" instead of "M1002".


The design of the flasher has changed greatly compared to the early M1002, and it has become slightly smaller There are. In the early M1002, there were no Japanese words in the flasher. By the mid-1970s, Japanese jeans were well established in the market. It's a testament." The notations "WORLD WORKERS" and "BIG WASHING" are included, and "Maruo Clothing Co." is listed as the manufacturer.


A tag next to the paper patch with lot number, size, and price. college graduation in 1975. Based on the starting salary (89,300 yen), the price was about 7 to 8,000 yen today. That is.
BigJohn_M1002_inner tag

inner tag

"BIG WASHING" embroidered tag. The early M1002 were glued, but the fact that they were washed and made easy to wear from the beginning is a good thing. It must have been a sale.
BigJohn_M1002_inner tag

inner tag

It also has a quality label tag attached to it.
BigJohn_M1002_back pocket

back pocket

The single letter stitching that is familiar to Big John. All the stitching is orange, not only on the pockets, but also on the early M1002.
BigJohn_M1002_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Single stitching on the back of the back pocket.


The red tab of the early M1002 had "CONE" embroidered on it, but it has the red tab embroidered "BIG JOHN", and it can be seen that the Bigchon brand was established for support.
BigJohn_M1002_top button

top button

"Big John" is engraved on the top button. In the early M1002, the stitching on the waistband was single stitched. This has been replaced with chain stitching, which sees a similar specification change to Levi's.


The original zipper with the BIG JOHN logo. From the shape, it seems to be based on a YKK semi-automatic magipper.


The "BIG JOHN" logo is also on the rivets.
BigJohn_M1002_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

It's hard to see from the photo, but it has the engraving "SCOVIL" on it.
BigJohn_M1002_coin pocket

coin pocket

The earliest M1002 models were made similarly to Levi's, but this model was changed to be made like Lee's, with only the right edge protruding and only one rivet fixture.
BigJohn_M1002_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

Single stitching on the back of the coin pocket.


Interlocking treatment, no ears used. Chain stitching at hem.


KD-8, the first domestically produced 14 oz. denim fabric from Kurobo, was used for the M1002 since 1973 It is believed that this model is also made of this material. Compared with Levi's 66 early model, which is a product of the same period, the point that it has a strong blue color is the same. On the other hand, there are differences such as slightly more fuzziness, less twill, and a weaker and softer bounce. But all of them are slight and do not show significant differences.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W30/L32 28.5 38 10.5 13 10 30.5 8.5 40.5