LEE RIDERS V109-B-husky (1960s)

 Boys' model of LEE RIDERS. It is difficult to determine the date of manufacture, but from the notation on the tag, it is likely to be from the 1960s. In the 1950's boys' model, UFO rivets were used and some parts were different from the adult model, but in this model, the parts are closer to the adult model. This model had three types of silhouettes, "SLIM", "REGULAR", and "HUSKY" in order of thinness, but I'll introduce the "HUSKY" model here.

Dead stock with flasher
It's tapered. This model is considered a "HUSKY" model, so it has a thicker silhouette.
The image when turned over. Even though it's called a double knee, the cloth is applied around the kneecap.


The flasher is different from the cowboy illustration design on a white background that is often seen. It appears to have been newly designed for boys' use. Right below the illustration, "Available in SLIM - REGULAR - HUSKY" is written.


The left hip pocket has a flasher with a branding mark on it. He also touts the fact that he can brand his name on a patch attached to the left pocket.


The one made of PVC is used.
LeeV109-B_inner tag

inner tag

Inner tag attached to the back of the right back of the waist belt." There is also notation of "BLU-FAST DENIM". It is presumed to be made in 1960s because of the notation of "R" and "M.R.".


The tag is attached to the top of the leather patch. There is a "V" in front of the number, but I wonder if it stands for "VAT DYED".
LeeV109-B_union ticket

union ticket

A union ticket is attached to the back of the left back pocket.


With R, without "M.R.".
LeeV109-B_back pocket

back pocket

The stitching on the back pocket is a straight line of boys' specifications. The photo shows the left back pocket, but it has a leather patch for the name.
LeeV109-B_top button

top button

Snap button with LEE RIDERS engraving


Talon 42 is used. This also shows that it is from the 1960s onwards.
LeeV109-B_top button (back)

top button (back)

Flat top button back. The waist belt is wrapped around the back.
LeeV109-B_coin pocket

coin pocket

The construction of the coin pocket is the same as that for adults.


It has the same "LEE" engraved rivets as the adult version. There is some green-blue rusting, but the magnet is attached, so it is probably made of copper-plated iron.
LeeV109-B_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Flat riveted back


It is simply reinforced with denim, not reinforced with stitches.


There are no signs that the selvedges have been used. The hem. Chain stitching.


Because of the use of bad-die denim, it's a dark but faded grayish color. The slubby texture is not strong, but there are relatively many neps.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L27 28.5 35.5 10.5 13 10.5 26.5 7.5 35.5